Fair Trade Organic Clothing

What if the delicious cup of coffee you enjoy at the beginning of the day can help build a health clinic in Africa? What if the box of chocolate you give to your wife could help teach children in South America to read? What if the sugar you use to bake cookies with your kids could ensure that farmers in Philippines have all the supply they need for better productivity? What if the things you buy are produced in a

All You Need To Know About Organic Cotton

Cotton is well-known throughout the world as the fabric of our lives. Every day, we come into contact with products made from this fabric. The sheets we sleep on, the clothes we wear, the couches we sit on and even some of the gadgets we own. Most of these items are designed from conventional cotton (non-organic cotton) which requires the use of pesticides. The use of these toxic chemicals presents heath risks to both farmers and consumers, and has a